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Chairman's Corner





Continuous Improvement means Continuous Change


As we approach our 120 year anniversary, I am pleased to announce that First State Bank & Trust has launched a new division, Fusion eBanking, designed to provide you the best online and mobile experience possible. We have invested in a powerful suite of online tools to help you manage your money when and where it’s most convenient for you. Our Fusion eBanking platform includes a unified user experience across all devices, an easy to use Mobile App, Fusion Mobile Deposit, Cash Management features for our business accounts, and additional security to protect your private information.


Over the past 120 years it is mind boggling to think of the changes in the way our customers do business on their farms, their factories, on the construction sites, and in the way they transact their daily lives.  In 1896, the State of Kansas was only 35 years old when First State Bank was chartered. That was in an era which was marked by many bank failures but also the existence of a program which allowed some nationally chartered banks to issue their own currency.  You may have seen some of these old bank notes in museums or in old west movies.


Today making payments between two parties are rarely done using paper money, and are largely made electronically through wire transfers, ACH’s, and debit or credit cards.  A modern bank will help a customer access their account and make payments through internet, telephone, checkbook, and the branch network, while still providing currency and checks. 


With so many convenient means of moving money, the traffic in bank branches has been steadily decreasing. According to industry statistics, the number one reason for visiting a branch today remains depositing a check. We are happy to have you stop into the bank for any reason, however Fusion eBanking includes Fusion Mobile Deposit, and now you no longer need to come to us to make a secure deposit.




NOTE: Please do not send confidential information via email as security cannot be guaranteed.